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Uncovering the Mystery: Humidifier Installation and Repair Services in Calgary

During the dry winter months, you may have noticed that the air in your home feels a little parched. Chapped lips, static shocks, and feeling like you’re stuck in a desert oasis—we’ve all been there. Meet the humble humidifier. This unassuming little appliance adds moisture to the air, which can make your living space more comfortable and keep your sinuses happy. But how does it do this? Let’s dive into this mystery and learn about humidifier installation and repair services in Calgary!

The Humidity Factor

But first things first, before we talk about how they work, let’s discuss why it’s important to have proper levels of humidity in our homes during winter when temperatures are colder than usual. The ideal range for indoor humidity should be between thirty and fifty percent. Anything below thirty starts drying out not only our skin but also nasal passages, making them irritated, thus creating perfect conditions for catching colds or flu bugs; too much moisture (over fifty percent) could foster mold growth as well as dust mite infestations, both of which can trigger allergies or other respiratory problems among people who are already sensitive.

Parts of a Humidifier

A humidifier has three main parts: a water reservoir; something that creates mist or evaporates droplets from this water; and some way to put these droplets back into the air so they can be breathed in by us humans! Different types might do these things in different ways but all humidifying machines share one common goal: getting water vaporized into atmosphere around us.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Vaporizers create steam by using either an ultrasonic vibrator or a rotating disk that vibrates at ultra-high frequencies in order to break up liquid water particles into smaller sizes until they evaporate into gas before being released through vents as fine, cool droplets, which are then dispersed into the room.


– Energy-efficient

– Is no risk of burns from hot water or steam; it is safe for use around children and pets alike!

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers, on the other hand, release warm air containing small droplets created by heating up water until it boils and turns steamy. Such vaporized moisture is then expelled into ambient environment, where we inhale it, thus increasing humidity levels within our bodies. You may purchase one from AJ Furnace, one of the most preferred and trusted providers of humidifier installation and repair services in Calgary.


– Offers temporary relief from cold symptoms through the creation of a humid ambiance with higher temperatures than usual.

Mechanisms of Misting

Different types of devices have different ways of turning water into tiny droplets. Some humidifiers work by vibrating metal diaphragms at very fast speeds, while others use spinning disks that fling out small drops of liquid as they rotate. When it comes to warm mist models, they just rely on boiling the water and letting it evaporate. The steam that’s created is then released into the air.

Dispersion and Airflow

If steam or cloud forms,  humidifiers use fans or diffusers to evenly distribute the moisture throughout a room. Some models also let you change the mist output and direction so that humidity could be delivered exactly where it’s required most.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Humidifiers must be cleaned and maintained regularly, like any other water-based appliance to avoid mineral, bacterial, and mold buildup. Failure to clean your humidifier can result in releasing bad odors or, even worse, spreading hazardous microorganisms into the air you breathe.

According to most manufacturers, one should clean the humidifier every few days, depending on how frequently it gets used. This normally entails taking apart the unit, scrubbing off any slime or mineral deposits, then letting all components dry out completely before putting them back together again.

While they may appear to be simple devices, there’s actually quite an interesting science behind how humidifiers work. By gaining knowledge about their functioning as well as distinguishing between warm mist and cool mist types, one can select a suitable model based on specific requirements while ensuring its optimum performance and safety.

Therefore, if ever you have a feeling of dryness in your throat or noticed that houseplant Call AJ Furnace now to learn about its humidifier installation and repair services in Calgary!

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