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Furnace and Air Conditioner Services in Calgary: The Great HVAC Debate

As a leading expert in furnace and air conditioner services in Calgary, I have been working in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry for quite a long time, and people always seem to ask the same question: do furnaces sell more like hot cakes in this town, or are they air conditioners? Well, today we are going to take a look at all the facts to find out which companies dominate the HVAC market in Calgary. Let us get started.

The Case for Furnaces


I mean, let us face it: Calgary winters are the real deal. Twenty-degree-below-zero temperatures are not uncommon, as is snow that lasts well into May. Furnaces, it goes without saying, are a hot commodity (pun very much intended!). I will stop myself before this turns into an episode of Monty Python’s Philosophers’ Football.


We have a heating season from about October to April, or, at times, even May. So in seven to eight months, a furnace is not such a luxury; it is a matter of life and death.


Are you worried about spending a fortune on furnace and air conditioner services in Calgary every year? For the uninitiated, modern high-efficiency furnaces convert as much as a whopping ninety-eight percent of their fuel into heat. For a city dweller mindful of energy costs, that is a big selling point when deciding to pay a lower amount on the utility bill.

The Air Conditioner Argument


At the same time that Calgary has been becoming more wintery, its summers have been getting hotter. The warmest previous July had been three weeks long and reached a toasty average of seventeen decimal eight degrees Celsius. The twenty-sixteen went for four weeks and topped twenty degrees. Air conditioners are quietly creeping up.


Other Calgary inhabitants have opted for heat pumps—systems that work either way—or setups that employ heat pumps for heating with dual-function pumps that deliver both heating and cooling, seemingly a real plus for anyone who prefers to avoid the presence of multiple units with multiple different looks.


In association with the warmer summers, more and more residents start to care about how they stay cool during those hot months. As a consequence, people’s quality of life is becoming relatively more dependent on having air conditioning.

The Numbers Game

Then what sells more, the vacuum or the drink? The answer is that it is close, and it changes from one year to the next, depending on—well, you know.


An unusually harsh winter or scorching summer can tip the scales.


During economic downturns, furnace replacements often take priority over air conditioner installations.


The largest influx of new homes leads to increased sales because most new homes use heating and cooling systems.


And the number has been jumped by the model homes getting air conditioning for the very first time—several older homes.

Historically, furnaces have had a much higher market share in Calgary. but that is quickly changing. In my humble opinion, furnaces still have the edge in total sales, but it is coming down to a very close race.

What is clear is that Calgary residents like to be comfortable, no matter the season, and results are pointing to more and more technologically efficient integrated systems to help keep us that way year-round. Call AJ Furnance now to learn about its furnace and air conditioner services in Calgary!

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