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Lennox Furnace Services in Calgary: From Maple Syrup to Motor Oil

As well-known experts in Lennox furnace services in Calgary, at AJ Furnace, we do not shy away from surprises. Our furnace technicians have entered just about every basement and crawl space in Calgary, often to strange noises or calls for help, but rarely does a job manage to sneak up on us quite like this: furnace filters. The less said about objects in furnace filters, the better—just look, and you will understand why. Calgary homeowners, let us show you what you do not want to uncover at your next heating, ventiliation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system check-up!

The Culinary Collection

Once upon a time, one of our technicians managed to pull out a filter covered in sticky goo and said it appeared to be maple syrup, probably left from a breakfast mess that somehow got into the return air vent. It is true what they say: what is in the kitchen is not always in the kitchen. Yet, nothing prepared us for the culinary discoveries. We recovered the full gamut, from coffee grounds to dried pasta. The finds usually betray a clandestine snack stash or the missing remnants of a particularly frenetic cooking session.

The Pet Parade

Furnace filters from these systems reveal an array of pet detritus, much of it to be expected if you have ever lived with pets: the felines and canines who generously allow us to share their domains happily leave behind hair of their own, and goodness gracious, lots of it. However, being one of the most preferred and trusted providers of Lennox furnace services in Calgary, we have also found what appear to be feathers from escaped budgerigars, sheds left behind by moulting reptiles, and even a hamster’s lost exercise ball. There was even a cluster of cat toys that had apparently been swatted into a return air duct over time.

Home Improvement Gone Awry

We have sawdust, chunks of drywall dust, and, sadly, assorted screws or tiny nails. In one unusual case, a filter was completely full of motor oil. The culprit proved to be the homeowner, who had been changing his car oil in the garage—right beside the furnace intake, as it happens. Automotive maintenance and HVAC systems do not tend to play well together!

The Calgary Special

Of course, filtering in Calgary has its own peculiarities. There are times when pollen clogs up the filters, such as during the brief but intense Albertan spring days. During the much-anticipated Stampede, there may be a few pieces of hay or even a sequin (or two or three) from a cowboy hat thrown into the mix. Arguably the most Calgary-ish thing we ever found was a filter full of ash—debris from a backyard fire pit that got a little too raucous with a little too much Chinook wind. Call us now to learn about our Lennox furnace services in Calgary!

What These Findings Reveal

What do these quirky discoveries reveal about Calgary homeowners? Well, for one thing, you are an eclectic group—a varied lot. You are pet owners as well. Some of you are handy and love do-it-yourself projects.

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