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Calgary’s Best Condo Air Conditioning Units

Any Room. Any Space. Any Need. Everyone’s Happy.

If you’re a condo or townhome owner, you may have noticed that traditional central air conditioning systems can be challenging to install due to space restrictions and limited access to ductwork. Fortunately, AJ Furnace offers a solution tailored specifically for smaller living spaces with our AC installation for condos in Calgary AB.

Our ductless air conditioning units for condos are designed to provide you with a more efficient and effective cooling solution without requiring extensive ductwork or complicated installation procedures. These systems consist of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, which are connected by refrigerant lines. The indoor units can be installed in multiple rooms, allowing you to cool specific areas of your condo or townhome as needed.

In addition to providing cooling, our condo air conditioning units also provide heating capabilities. This means you can enjoy year-round comfort, regardless of the weather outside. With just one unit, you can achieve the ideal temperature in any room, ensuring everyone is happy.

One of the main advantages of our condo AC unit installation is its quiet operation. Whether you need to cool your bedroom, living room, or home office, you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment without the noise associated with traditional AC systems. Not to mention, our systems are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

At AJ Furnace, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique heating and cooling needs of smaller living spaces. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your condo or townhome, recommend the best AC system for your needs, and ensure a seamless installation. Contact us today to start enjoying the comfort you desire without compromising on space or efficiency.

No Ductwork or Renovations

A ductless air conditioning unit can offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for cooling a room or space. One of the key advantages of AC installation for condos in Calgary AB, is that it doesn’t require any additional ductwork, repainting, or patching during installation. This sets them apart from traditional central air conditioning systems, which usually involve extensive renovations and modifications to accommodate the required ductwork.

Because ductless units don’t rely on ducts to distribute cool air, the installation process is relatively simple and fast. A qualified technician can easily mount the indoor unit on a wall or ceiling and connect it to the outdoor unit through a small conduit. This conduit houses the refrigerant tubing, power cable, and drain line. Once the installation is complete, you can immediately experience the benefits of a fully functional cooling system.

The lack of ductwork also makes ductless air conditioning units more versatile in terms of placement options. Whether you want to cool a single room, an entire floor, or a specific area within a larger space, ductless units offer flexibility in positioning the indoor units. This allows for optimized cooling and temperature control, as each unit can be independently operated and adjusted according to specific needs

Energy Efficiency

Condo living often comes with its own set of unique challenges, and finding the perfect balance between comfort and cost-efficiency is one of them. That’s why our condo air conditioning units offer the best of both worlds: convenience and energy efficiency.

One of the key factors contributing to the energy efficiency of ductless systems is the absence of air leakage or loss. In traditional duct systems, a significant amount of conditioned air can escape through leaks or poorly insulated areas. This leads to wasted energy as the system works harder to compensate for the lost air. With ductless AC installation for condos in Calgary AB, there are no ducts to worry about, meaning there is no opportunity for air leakage and subsequent energy wastage.

Furthermore, ductless systems operate using inverter technology, which allows them to modulate their output based on the heating or cooling requirements of a particular space. This ensures that only the necessary amount of energy is used to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, resulting in lower energy consumption and utility bills. Additionally, since ductless systems can be individually controlled in different rooms or zones, it’s possible to tailor the heating or cooling to match the specific needs of each area, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Targeted Temperature Control

One significant advantage of ductless heating and air conditioning systems is their ability to provide targeted temperature control. Unlike traditional cooling systems, which use ducts to distribute air throughout the entire space, ductless systems allow you to heat and cool specific areas as needed. This means you only cool the rooms being used, resulting in greater temperature control.

For example, during the day, you may only need to keep the living room area cool while you watch TV or entertain guests. With a ductless system, you can easily set the temperature in that room to your desired level without cooling the entire townhome or condo. Similarly, at night, you might want to cool your bedroom for a comfortable sleep without wasting energy on other areas of the home.

Traditional cooling systems can sometimes over-cool or overheat certain areas due to uneven air distribution as well. This can lead to uncomfortable conditions where some rooms are too cold while others are too warm. With a ductless AC installation for condos in Calgary AB, you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature precisely in each room, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your space.

Get Your New Condo Ductless AC Installed Today!

Say goodbye to the struggles of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your condo, apartment, or townhome. Our condo air conditioning units offer a cost-effective, hassle-free solution that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the seasons. Choose our ductless systems for efficient cooling and heating, simple installation, and freedom from the constraints of traditional air conditioning systems.

Installation is a breeze with our experts at AJ Furnace. Our team will ensure a seamless installation process, taking into account your specific needs and space requirements. We offer a range of high-quality products to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your home.

Don’t let the struggle of maintaining a comfortable temperature continue. Contact us to learn more about our condo air conditioning units and get your new ductless AC installed. Trust in our expertise and enjoy a cool and comfortable living space.

Affordable Pricing and Low Operating Costs—Only $46/Month

Are you tired of suffering through the sweltering heat of summer? Look no further than AJ Furnace for a solution that’s not only affordable but also efficient. Don’t let the cost deter you from investing in the comfort of your home. AJ Furnace offers flexible financing options to suit your budget and needs. By spreading out the payment over time, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of a new A/C unit without breaking the bank. With prices starting at just $46 per month, you can get a ductless AC installation for condos in Calgary AB, and start enjoying cool and comfortable summers in no time.

Ductless AC units offer a quick and hassle-free way to beat the heat. With AJ Furnace’s expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your ductless AC unit will be installed professionally and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about financing a new ductless AC unit and start enjoying the hot summer days in cool and refreshing comfort.